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Screams of joy from the Swiss Alps – Tradebyte brings the first partners to Zalando CH

zalando_ch“Scream for joy” is the well-known Zalando slogan – considering the latest expansion of the partner programme on Zalando CH and the connected expansion of the product selection, that is particularly true for Swiss online buyers. The concept, which is supported by Tradebyte, doesn’t just include direct delivery to Swiss end-consumers from manufacturers and brands from the whole of Europe, but also the consideration of all customs and tax law specifications. For Zalando CH, this means an attractive expansion of its product selection, with the advantage of very lean transaction processes – end-consumers in Switzerland profit from a bigger product selection and quick, automatic, cleared for customs consignments directly from the warehouse of connected manufacturers and suppliers.

The Zalando success story is continuing in Switzerland. Three and a half years ago, Zalando CH was launched – since then, it’s impossible to imagine Swiss end-consumers without the pure player. Every fifth person in Switzerland has already tried out Zalando. The regular product range, offered by Zalando itself, is expanded with offers from connected suppliers in other countries by the Zalando partner programme. So far, this had been possible only in a limited way in Switzerland due to logistics, customs and tax law barriers. That was a welcome opportunity for the marketplace specialist Tradebyte and Zalando to extend their already existing partnership and to intensify this in the framework of a special transaction concept for the Swiss market, which standardises and speeds up exactly these processes. Matthias Schulte, Managing Director of Tradebyte explains: “We have successfully taken on the special challenges of the Swiss market, especially from the perspective of customs specifications. Drop shipment to Switzerland is now fully-automated and quickly possible via our SaaS solution.”

The central management tool of the entire process is Tradebyte TB.One. The SaaS software manages all the processes and has interfaces to the relevant partners and Zalando. The result of the special setting for the Swiss online market sounds unspectacular at first: Products from manufacturers and brands from the whole of Europe are delivered directly to Swiss end-consumers. In reality, that’s a quantum leap for Swiss online shoppers as they don’t have to take care of import customs regulations and connected fees anymore – thanks to TB.One, the implemented concept considers all the specifications of the customs process completely automatically. Furthermore, cooperation with partners MS Mail and Asendia enables quick logistics in all transaction processes. Due to the returns handling through MS Mail for example, end-consumers receive a central returns address within the country, so returns can also be carried out without additional effort and costs while adhering to customs and tax regulations. The customers of Zalando CH and connected suppliers from the partner programme therefore profit from cooperation with Tradebyte in many ways.

So far, the pilot customers Hallhuber and Evita Shoes are integrated into the fully-automatic process. Other integrations are already under way. Partner product ranges can now simply be extended to the Swiss platform. An attractive and especially dynamic market is waiting for online traders. Almost half of all Swiss customers prefer shopping via mobile devices –and that’s set to increase in the future. In any case, with Tradebyte TB.One, no logistics or commercial hurdles are in the way of further growth beyond the borders of the EU.

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