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Amazon reduces FBA fees: Use the FBA promotion at Tradebyte now and save 50%!

amazon fbaFulfillment by Amazon is an Amazon service which helps traders to increase their online sales in Germany and internationally. This allows retailers to gain access to Amazon’s first-class logistics and customer service, and qualify their products for “Amazon Prime” and free standard shipping. In 2013, Tradebyte created an interface to the Amazon channels and offers traders, brands and suppliers the possibility to offer their own product range on the Amazon marketplaces.

On 4th August, Amazon changed and simplified its fees for fulfillment by Amazon. For most traders this means a reduction in fees which means a reduction of many shipping fees and a simplification of sales across Europe.

This reduction in fees is an opportunity for Tradebyte to offer a limited promotion. The set-up costs for all Amazon FBA channels (,,,, and will be reduced by 50% from now on until 30/09/2015!

Take this opportunity and encourage the growth of your company by connecting it to Amazon’s first-class FBA programme with the help of the TB.One SaaS software solution.

Read more information about FBA and its advantages here.

Are you interested in the Amazon FBA interfaces and would you like to find out more about the connection and TB.One? You are welcome to contact our sales team at:

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