Confidentiality Clause

Confidentiality Clause

Tradebyte and the registering company (hereafter “prospective customer”) will maintain silence or use confidential information only with the previous written agreement of the respective other party towards third parties – no matter for what purpose.

Confidential information refers to (only) the information described explicitly as confidential by the party giving the information and such information whose confidentiality is clear from the circumstances of the surrender. The obligation is omitted for such information or parts of information, for which the receiving party substantiates that it was known to them before the date of receiving it or generally available; it was known to the public or openly accessible before the delivery date; it was known to the public or openly accessible after the delivery date, without the party receiving the information being responsible for this.

This obligation persists even beyond the end of the initiation of business for an indefinite period of time, as long as the extraordinary circumstances according to this paragraph are not substantiated. Public declarations of the parties about collaboration shall only be made if mutually agreed beforehand.

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