Customer Success Management



With Customer Success Management, we optimise your TB.One account. Therefore we help increase your efficiency, which then increases your turnover.

»Especially customers who have been using TB.One for a long time often have hidden optimisation potential. CSM helps to tap this potential efficiently and therefore increase turnover«


Christoph Zöller, Customer Success Manager

Our services for your success

Extensive analysis of your TB.One account

After a preliminary talk, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your account. We analyse anomalies in data maintenance, article and product status, procedure during activation and categorisation, as well as your last support tickets and the errors list. Afterwards, we formulate recommendations for you.

Training tailored to you

To give you an overview of the results of the analysis phase, you get a personalised workshop day on request. The workshop can take place either at Tradebyte, at your location or as a webinar. In this workshop, the implementation of the recommendations is discussed and best practice suggestions are developed together.


Regular success monitoring

Over an agreed period of time after the workshop, we accompany the processing and development of the errors list. In personal telephone conversations, our experts regularly and extensively discuss your progress and further questions and uncertainties are cleared so that the optimisation of your TB.One account is smooth.

Documentation of the results

You receive professionally developed before-and-after documentation, including the analysis results, the recommendations and steps for implementing the optimisation. Complete transparency of our approach is especially important for us, so that you understand the optimisation of your TB.One account completely.


 What is behind the term »Customer Success Management«?

Customer Success Management is also called the optimisation of existing customers and serves to analyse and optimise the TB.One accounts of our existing customers. After an extensive analysis of the account in order to recognise potential for improvement, recommendations are formulated. On request, an individual workshop day is organised to develop the recommendations and the further procedure together with the customer. Additionally, further development is supervised by our experts and afterwards the customer receives extensive documentation of the optimisation.

Which target group does Tradebyte address with Customer Success Management?

Customer Success Management is targeted at existing customers with at least one year of experience with TB.One and who therefore have a need for optimisation. This service has not been created for new customers.

How does the consultation for Customer Success Management work?

If necessary, the consultation can take place directly at the locations of our customers. This is advised especially if the recommendations should be presented to a larger group of TB.One users. But the consultation can also be carried out via telephone or webinar.

Will there be a CSM tool for customers soon?

TB.One is going to be even more transparent for customers. A tool which will help customers to independently recognise errors and needs for optimisation in TB.One is currently being developed.

How can I register for Customer Success Management?

Please talk to your Account Management contact person at Tradebyte. Alternatively, you can also fill out the contact form below.

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