Tamaris conquers Europe with TB.PIM

Tamaris conquers Europe with TB.PIM

Status: February 2017 | The idea was risky, the challenge even greater: The introduction of a new shop system for the existing Tamaris stores in Germany, Austria and France, while simultaneously creating the conditions for the connection of 21 other countries all over Europe. The solution which enables that needs to be as sophisticated, clear and brave as the idea it’s based on. TB.PIM refines data as it is imported, offers full control and brings products perfectly into the shops of different countries.


  • Introduction of a central PIM system, transfer to a new shop system, connection to 24 countries
  • Technology used: TB.PIM, Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Participants: Tamaris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Mobizcorp, Arvato, Tradebyte


  • Industry: shoe production and sales
  • Turnover: 1.016 billion Euros (2015)
  • Registered office: Detmold
  • Shop system: Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • PIM system: TB.PIM



  • Tradebyte
    Setting up the PIM system and adaptation of special interfaces for data import/export
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    Provision of the shop system and activation of the necessary access and applications
  • Mobizcorp
    Conceptualising and implementing the shop, as well as ongoing support and optimisation
  • Arvato
    Fulfilment, logistics and warehouse management across Europe, direct hand-over to local postal operators.


  • Imports in the different standards and from different sources are immediately synchronised
  • Fast and simple enhancement, maintenance and mass processing of product data with the help of cluster attributes
  • Complete, individually targeted export of product and article data for Demandware stores in 24 countries in Europe
  • Cloud-based solution enables high availability including sophisticated functions for the seamless connection of big platforms and marketplaces


„With TB.PIM as a central solution, we have created the basis to be perfectly prepared for the future and to tackle the newchallenges of omnichannels through to individual online shops. The world of e-commerce is becoming more and more  complex and demands dynamic solutions to further develop our market position and move into the digital age.“

– Nico Gold, Management, Wortmann Fashion Retail GmbH & Co. KG

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