BVB with top technical performance

BVB with top technical performance

Status: May 2017 | With the re-launch of their own online shop in 2016, Borussia Dortmund have been promoted to the premier league of e-commerce. High user friendliness, strong performance and numerous highlights, such as the “Players’ World ” or the shirt configurator are a delight – and not just for black and yellow fans. The BVB already has the first title of the season under its belt: the Shop Award 2017 in the “Best Brand Shop” category, which the team from best it accepted as the agency behind the BVB fan shop. Together with Tradebyte, the company from Velen developed a technical concept which enables the perfect interplay between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and the Shopware shop system.


  • Integration of the new fan shop into the IT environment via the Tradebyte2Shopware connector from best it
  • Product data are transmitted from MS Dynamics NAV into TB.One and enhanced according to target group
  • Central control of the B2C and B2B shop, and the BVB fan articles shop on Amazon from TB.One


  • Re-launch at the end of 2016 with a B2C and B2B shop
  • Complete renewal and new user design
  • Smooth tuning of different systems
  • Oriented towards 3 orders per second
  • Traffic has multiplied since the re-launch
  • Considerable increase in turnover


The Tradebyte2Shopware connector from best it offers a comfortable and agile solution, which perfectly fulfils the requirements of the existing system context of the BVB. Turnover and traffic have increased significantly since the re-launch. The requirement of creating an inspiring shopping experience and brand experience for the fans, which is in line with the BVB, has been fulfilled completely. The best brand shop award by the specialist magazine “Internet World Business” emphasises the outstanding work of all players involved in this project.


  • best it
    Technical and content consultation, conception/development of store fronts, Tradebyte2Shopware connector
  • Tradebyte
    TB.One as PIM system for product data enhancement and omnichannel channel control
  • Shopware
    Provision of the Enterprise Version Shopware 5 shop system
  • MS Dynamics NAV
    ERP system of BVB Merchandise GmbH


With the re-launch of the BVB fan shop in 2016, Shopware was introduced as the new shop system. The B2B shop was accompanied by a B2C shop for the first time. best it led the way to the new shop system’s adjustment to the existing system environment with MS Dynamics NAV as the ERP system. The Tradebyte2Shopware connector was the link. As a standard interface, it enables the direct connection of Shopware in TB.One. Exactly like a channel, the B2B and B2C shops are centrally administered in TB.One. The content can be enhanced according to the target group, product texts can vary according to channel or shop. Stocks are automatically synchronised with MS Dynamics NAV and Shopware in TB.One. Orders from the shops go directly back to Dynamics NAV.


„The BVB shop is a successful example of different project parties working together in perfect harmonywith their different areas of expertise, and implementing a high-performance e-commerce project. This has proven that the implementation of the shop through best it, the expertise of Shopware and Tradebyte to control omnichannels is the perfect combination.“

– Philip Schroth, Shopware AG


„With the Tradebyte2Shopware connector from best it, the BVB could incorporate Shopware as anotherchannel in TB.One. The BVB product team can input the desired content in TB.One as the PIM system without problems and export it automatically into the Shopware shop. The advantage: drastically reduced data maintenance processes through a central product database for all sales channels, which can be extended via the push of a button if desired.“

– Johannes Terhürne, best it eCommerce solutions group

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