Camp David invests in marketplace strategy

Camp David invests in marketplace strategy

Status: July 2019 | CLINTON, Fatchip and Tradebyte – higher, faster, further. With the right team, the realisation of a complex project can be completed faster than you think. That was also the case with the connection of the online shop of CLINTON Großhandels GmbH, better known for its Camp David and SOCCX brands, to TB.One. CLINTON has already been connected to different marketplaces and platforms via TB.One. Large range, internationalisation and the development of new target groups are just a few of the reasons which make the platform idea so interesting. Camp David knows how to use the platform trend and wants to further extend the strategy by using TB.One as the interface for its own online shop. Its online shop has been turned into a custom channel, a channel to which product data is exported via TB.One just like to a platform. In the course of the relaunch, moved to OXID, the shop retailer. The move enabled the use of the Fatchip OXID Tradebyte connector, which smoothly connects OXID e-shops and TB.One.


  • Integration of the custom channel
  • Transfer of the website to OXID
  •  Project duration: 3 weeks
  •  Participants: CLINTON Großhandels GmbH, Vieler Group, Fatchip, Tradebyte
  •  Technologies: TB.One, Rest interface, Fatchip connector, TB.Cat (xml)


  • Business area: Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Number of employees: 1,500
  • PIM/OMS system: Sales channel <-> Tradebyte <-> pixi <-> Navision <-> Knapp (LVS)
  • Business model: Apart from wholesale, online business has grown to be an important sales channel whose requirements are fulfilled by a young and specialised team. The focus is on their own brand shop as well as on selling through selected marketplaces. 



  • Consultation, implementation, technical implementation and connection of the target system.
  • Transfer of product and article data and order-relevant content. The connection also includes an order data interface.

CLINTON Großhandels GmbH /Vieler

  • Adaptation to the new product data interface
  • Transfer of the shop to OXID
  • Provision of the required sales channels: OXID (own shop)


CLINTON decided to use the Fatchip OXID Tradebyte connector. That meant few to-dos for Tradebyte and CLINTON, and the integration could be completed within just a few weeks. Thanks to flexible and tailor-made solutions in the custom channel area at Tradebyte, customers outside the standard can also be connected to TB.One without adaptations to the shop. That’s also true for shops where no existing connector previously existed. Tradebyte offers an individual, flexible solution for a custom channel for each customer.


„As a fashion brand manufacturer, dealing with marketplace topics and challenges has top priority for us. In the planning and implementation of the CLINTON marketplace strategy it was important for us to take this step with a reliable and competent partner. We have found this with Vieler Group as a partner for digital transformation topics as well as with Tradebyte as a »middleware« solution.”

– Yaw Afram, Director of E-Commerce, CLINTON Großhandels-GmbH


„New sales channels with a central administration and a high degree of automation – this task could be mastered in no time through the collaboration between Tradebyte and Vieler Group. TB.One is the perfect supplement for our mutual partner in a scalable and stable system environment. As a result, processes were optimised, errors reduced and reach was massively increased.“

– Frederic Beckmann, Head of DevOps, Vieler Group

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