After some years of abstinence from an own booth at the Internet World Expo in Munich, Tradebyte decided this year to participate again. And it was a very, very good decision. The “cosiest living room of the fair” (quotation of a guest) war nearly non-stop full to the brim with customers, guests, and friends of Tradebyte. This is exactly how it should be: action at the bar, no available seat at the benches and customer conversations at the corridor. And all participants in a really good mood. Pure fair feeling. The Tradebyte booth was strategically convenient within the “E-Commerce Bermuda Triangle” between our friends from Shopware (thanks for the coffee during buildup!), Spryker (thanks for the super interviews!), and Oxid (thanks for some really nice ideas!). But don’t worry: nobody got lost, in the opposite: one found each other like they hadn’t in a long time. Because all agreed after two days of Internet World Expo: in ages, the fair hadn’t been that well-attended and organised in continuing good atmosphere. Super that we could add our share.


Another Tradebyte highlight took place on the second day of the fair in the impressive TrendArena. Tradebyte-CEO Matthias Schulte granted the audience some insights into the world of marketplaces and platforms with his speech “From Trading to Platform: Everybody can marketplace?”. Despite the brimmed arena, we guess there are still some who missed the lecture. No problem, there is a record of it that we don’t want to hold back. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.