Founded in 2007, limango is now Germany’s leading specialist in family shopping. In the autumn of 2017, limango launched its curated marketplace. This offers customers a permanent product range. As a marketplace within the Tradebyte portfolio, limango is an ideal partner for manufacturers and traders with all kinds of products for the family. In an interview with Christian Keller, Marketplace Partner Manager at limango, we discussed the reasons for extending the product range, limango’s participation in the ECD and the unique selling points of the marketplace.

Christian Keller, Partner Manager
Marktplatz bei limango

Tradebyte: In addition to the business model driven by special offers, limango has also offered a permanent product range since last year and has therefore joined the marketplace business. What were your motives for this?

Christian: With the marketplace model we’re continuing our strategy of being the leading platform for family shopping. For a long time, limango has been very successful with the business model driven by special offers. We offer registered customers selected offers and therefore we’ve created demand. As the limango customer base is getting bigger and bigger and they are looking for specific products, we have decided on the marketplace model and can therefore now fulfil demand. Since its start in the autumn of 2017, we have connected more than 100 partners. In 2018 alone, 80 new ones joined, selling more than 700 brands and 75,000 products via our marketplace.

»In 2018 alone, 80 new partners joined, selling more than 700 brands and 75,000 products via our marketplace.«


So far limango has just been selling baby and children’s products on the marketplace but now you’re also offering articles for adults. What was the reason for this and how would you like to develop further?

Within the business model driven by special offers, we have always offered products for the whole family. On the marketplace, we first limited ourselves to baby and children’s products in order to test and improve the new concept. After the first learning and optimisation phase, we would now like to supply our entire target group – which means young families including parents and children – with a permanent product range e.g. children’s and adult fashion, shoes, baby essentials and toys. But drugstore and electronic items are also promising categories for the future.

limango is part of MyToys and therefore also part of the Otto Group. What does that mean for you?

Otto stands for long-term, sustainable business. As a company within the Otto Group it’s clear that we stand for the same values and live them too. Therefore, we rightfully enjoy the same trust that Otto has built up over the years. That’s a great advantage for us. Apart from that, we work independently as equal partners with Otto and MyToys. It’s important that partners can connect to limango without integrating with MyToys or Otto.

We are very happy to have you as a Plus Sponsor at the ECD 2019. What’s special for you about the ECD and what are you looking forward to most?

Last year, we were guests at the ECD for the first time and we were impressed by the positive energy and the great exchange between people. You can meet numerous partners there and you have the opportunity to have casual one-to-one talks. We definitely wanted to intensify that this year and have therefore taken on the role as a Plus Sponsor. In our presentation, we will mainly talk about how our marketplace is different from others. I don’t want to spoil anything but one of the great advantages of our platform and marketplace in comparison to others is that limango is a curated marketplace where a brand can only be offered by one partner. Therefore, we avoid price wars between vendors. And of course we’ll also answer questions in one-to-one meetings at the ECD. Partners who are interested can ask precise questions and we can react on a personal level and in a relaxed way.

»One of the great advantages of our platform and marketplace in comparison to others is that limango is a curated marketplace where a brand can only be offered by one partner.«


How do you feel about collaborating with Tradebyte and what are you planning concerning this in the near future?

We have worked together very well since last year and fulfilling both of our requirements has worked very well. We value the regular exchange with you and are, of course, planning to integrate a few partners from the extensive Tradebyte Pool at limango. We would definitely like to develop this collaboration further, as it’s our goal to constantly connect new partners. Together with Tradebyte, we’re planning a special ECD offer for new partners. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you too much about this right now but we’ll tell you all the details in our presentation at the ECD!

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