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Better together – Anatwine and Tradebyte officially join forces

Anatwine and Tradebyte proudly announce that the two companies are joining forces to become the leading platform enabler for the European fashion and lifestyle market.

Leading marketplace integrators, enabling seamless connections between brands and retailers, and e-commerce experts: Anatwine and Tradebyte have a lot in common. Now it’s official: the two companies are joining forces to become the leading platform enabler for the European fashion and lifestyle market. Under the name Tradebyte, we will pursue a common goal in the future: making platform players successful.


Dewi Thomas, Managing Director at Tradebyte UK (ehemals Anatwine)
»When Matthias and I first discussed the idea of Anatwine & Tradebyte joining forces, it didn’t take very long for us to conclude that the two businesses were very complementary and the combination made perfect sense. Tradebyte brings established, feature-rich SaaS solutions, and Anatwine brings a customer-centric approach to services and technological know-how, and the combination of both leads to an industry-leading, broad value proposition that caters to all brands and retailers that operate a DTC or Platform business. The final consideration was one of culture, and we were delighted to discover that both organisations were almost identical in their core ethos, highly engaged and collaborative, and focused on making things work for our customers.«

Dewi Thomas, Managing Director at Tradebyte UK (former Anatwine).


Matthias Schulte, CEO at Tradebyte»The beauty of our combination is that both companies used to be highly demand-driven in the past and that today we have the joint power to enter the driver seat for our business. On top of the relevant connections we provide between brands and retailers across the platform industry, we want to do everything to empower our partners to be successful. Therefore, we will evolve our business model in regards to BI possibilities, performance, and marketing tools. We will be the key enabler across European fashion and lifestyle retail to make platform players successful!«

Matthias Schulte, CEO at Tradebyte

As the leading platform connector of the European fashion and lifestyle industry, operating as one allows us to provide access to the largest brand and retailer network, heading towards a GMV of more than €6bn this year.

By joining our forces, we strengthen our value proposition and offer the right set of solutions and services to grow stronger together:

  • Our direct-to-consumer solution connects to the best-in-class Super Retailer Network, including more than 80 retailers such as About You, Amazon, JD Sports, and Zalando
  • Our marketplace solution covers our ever-growing and more international brand pool of more than 700 brands
  • Our solution provides access to 20 countries enabling you to internationalize your business at scale and reach all relevant European markets
  • Our compelling suite of products and services comprise self-service, full-service, and strategic consulting
  • Our partner network provides access to the best services & talent to focus on core competencies and unlock platform excellence (e.g. technology, logistics, fulfillment, customer service)


»Added to the leading value proposition, with over 700 brands and 80 retailers connected to our network, we offer by far the largest opportunity for rapid expansion and growth across Europe, especially within the fashion & lifestyle segments.«

Dewi Thomas


»We are very much excited on how the planning of the past months now will be translated into actions leading to traction around our market leader position. So the course has been set. Now we are looking forward to bringing this great idea to life.«

Matthias Schulte

As you can see, the new Tradebyte simply means more opportunities for our customers and partners.

Please note, that from now onwards we act with one joint management under one name, Tradebyte. As we remain two separate legal entities, there will be no adjustments to contracts. If you have any questions, please reach out to your usual contact. And don’t forget to check our brand-new website.


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